Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You know it's Valentines Day when...

The kids spend the afternoon trading valentines with each other
when candy hearts are the staple for a day
when wax paper crayon hearts grace the windows
when home made yarn hearts hang from the chandelier
when sandwiches are cut in the shape of a heart
And when I cannot get enough of these cute cones I make this time of year which are filled with treats for the kids and for friends and family... I got so carried away that I made a dozen little ones to use for Mackenzie's 10th bday party (which is a mere 8 mos. away) LOL.... obsessed! I think YES!! ♥

And when Randy and I go out to sushi without kids.... awww, what am I saying, we will find any excuse to go out to sushi without kids. Grateful for my sweetheart ♥ I am LUCKY!

Houston... We have a PEANUT ALLERGY

Let me just start by saying that this is all the Karma coming back to me... Allow me to explain. Every year since my kids were in school they've had at least one person in their classrooms who has an allergy to peanuts. A large sign graces the doorway, lunches are segregated and we must be VERY cautious about what we bring during parties... I would say to myself (and ONLY in my head of course) Really?? is it that big of a deal?? This seems like a lot of work and a bit hypochondriac-ish to me... BUT, turns out, it's a big deal (or at least it can be)
So, it has been confirmed that Nick, is in fact, allergic to those little tiny things which aren't actually a nut, but a legume... who knew?! I should have known earlier when he would detest anything having any peanuts in them, peanut butter, or anything of the like... even peanut butter cookies, but I didn't catch on... until he started reacting to them of course... So after all the tests and a blood test, we are now owners of the Epi-pen...
Karma I tell you ♥ Oh and STRONGLY (even stronger than the peanuts) to CATS!! which I did already know but now it's "official" YAY such a score for me, since I don't want pets. Now between Nick and Jack, that is not a possibility... YAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Do book worms sleep??

Thought I'd post these cute pictures of Mackenzie crashed on the couch while reading... She is such a book worm!! The blessed side-effect of not having TV. She was reading late one night on the couch while I worked on the computer. I came in to find her totally crashed! So cute ♥ Although, she was not happy to wake up to me snapping photos of her...

He's losing it!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kids without teeth! What is it about that toothless grin that just makes your heart melt? Makes you remember your own toothless smiles, and can instantly bring you back to the age of 7?? jack is especially funny, well, just because he is... He wanted those front teeth out so bad that he spent a long time, each night while lying in bed, wiggling and pulling so they'd become loose... SO funny! He pulled them both out all by himself and absolutely couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come and bring him some loot ♥

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Disneyland 2011

So there will be no Christmas pictures, since I had no camera... so sad. We did have an amazing Christmas with our family though as always!! My family came over along with some friends, to enjoy our tradition of chocolate fondue on Christmas eve!! Growing up, we always had cheese fondue on Christmas eve (blech!!) It must have been a 70s thing?? Anyhow, I really hated it and decided that when I had my own family we'd do something different... Nothing better than chocolate eh??
Like most of you, my favorite part is watching the kids joy and excitement as they open gifts and the magic of those moments playing all day with new toys and games wearing new jammies. I LOVE IT!
We also have BOB... Bob is our families "elf on the shelf" He shows up on Thanksgiving and then goes home on Christmas eve. We've had him for a few years but this year I got the hint that Mackenzie isn't so sure about our elf being real anymore *sigh* Real quick I'll share a funny memory from the first year we got him. We explained how Bob works and Mackenzie said "well does he stay downstairs because I don't want him walking around in my room while I'm asleep... That is creepy" we couldn't stop laughing after she went to bed that night.
So BOB (we named him that because he really does look like Bob's big boy) goes home to Santa every night to "report" the kids behavior then shows up each morning in a "new spot" in the house. It's a fun tradition. He hides in all sorts of wacky places and I just loved that each morning for an entire month the kids would scramble downstairs to find him... Except when I forgot to move him... OOPS. Told the kids he must have been too tired to fly home that night. LOL
So this year one of the family gifts was a trip to Disneyland!! We left New Year's Day and were gone for 5 days. YES, we did... We left Nickolas with my Mom and it was FaBuLoUs!! No stroller, no leash (ha ha ha) and everyone could ride everything for the first time EVER. Wait! did I forget to mention that there were NO lines for 3 days!!! It was AWESOME ♥ We really had such a fun time together.

Everything was covered in lights for Christmas
Luke and his FAVORITE ride!
Love those crazy hats

it really is a HUGE Christmas tree!
Mac and Jack on Toy Story Mania

goofing around waiting for Daddy

Randy and Mackenzie

Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting closer!

I figure while I'm reminiscing, now is a good time to post about a new development in the Onstine Family... NO, I am NOT pregnant... For some time now, I have been feeling very impressed to make some changes with my home-based business. You all know how much I love Arbonne. I love their products, people, ethics and philosophy. However, I want more time at home. Well, I don't, but I do... Does that make sense?
Sometimes it's tough to be home more, cause I need a break often from the challenges of parenting but really, I KNOW, like I know, like I know, that I NEED to be more PRESENT with my children (and everyone else for that matter). I have learned that being home is NOT the same thing as being present and have been working at this for some years now. For some, this is a natural part of parenting but it has not been for me... my true challenge. For example: when I am playing barbies with Mackenzie there is a little jeopardy timer in my head ticking away while I am thinking of other things... you know like, when can I be done, I have laundry or dishes or some other child to help or craft to start or other random thoughts... True presence allows me to sit and play barbies, just sit and enjoy the senses of that experience being shared with my daughter.
Of course I love my kids and I am a task oriented worker by nature... How to merge the two and reconcile my upbringing which inspired me to work from a young age. I love to work, I will say and have generated much satisfaction from contributing to the family financially... SO, what to do? because trust me, there are times, I really would rather be working (even if only from home)... Seriously.
So a wonderful thing happened as I was finally allowing my soul to be open... REALLY open. Not easy for a control freak like me to be. I had been meditating for quite some time (like months) when the thought came to me to call a friend I hadn't spoken to in years... Of course as I pondered the thought I came up with a million reason not to... But I have learned to act quickly when I feel so impressed. Long story short? She gave me another business option (not that I hadn't had plenty of them over the years, but somehow the timing was different) Now what to DO??
I'd been praying for this right?! But, actually taking actions to do something COMPLETELY different were tough for me, my ego, and my pocket book... LOL
Guess what?! After quite a feeling of "jumping off a cliff" and literally building my wings of faith on the way down, life has been nothing short of amazing! And guess what else?! This new adventure includes RANDY!!!!!! Who knew we could be such fantastic business partners? This has been by far the best gift for us both! It has given us something to work towards together and given him the confidence to develop a new skill set that gives us another income stream. We always thought that I was the entrepreneur but as it turns out.... SO IS HE!! Who knew?!
I am in love all over again I could go on and on about the things we are learning together and what it has done to enhance our friendship and relationship but I'll keep those to myself for now.
I'll add this... I wish that I had been more open to the Lord's plan at this time for me a lot sooner! I was raised under circumstances that required me to feel in control of things and over the years I learned how to maintain that... BUT, I am finally learning to really LET GO... Such a miracle, if you only knew!
I know that the Lord waits to bless us all... Must be frustrating for him when he comes across a soul like me, who honestly for years, must be resisting amazing things due to my inability to truly LET GO and let him. Life is a process isn't it? and its about PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION. May we all be willing to progress
PS, I still Love and use Arbonne

Turkeys On Strike Nov. 2010

In November Jacksen participated in a School play the second grade did called "Tukeys On Strike" It was really funny about the Turkeys going on strike before Thanksgiving so the other "side dishes" of the Thanksgiving feast step up to be the "main course" so funny. Jack LOVES acting so this was right up his alley!!
our little Pilgrim
Jack and his buddy Hayden
Jack and his buddy Kyle
Loving every second of being up on stage

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Halloween 2010

This year Jack was SuperMan, Nick was a Zebra, Luke was Super Cop and Mackenzie was a silly witch.
Holy Moly, after only 45 min of trick or treating... We donated it the next day!!
Jack and his pal Ryan
Silly Witch
Luke grew a mustache just for the occasion

Punkin Pickin with Pals

A fun trip to Bishops Pumpkin Farm with our pals the Costellos, Pizzutis and Indihars.

Me and the kids picking out the perfect pumpkin
Jack and his buddies, Julian and Ryan
crazy kids
local prisoners

beautiful sunflower patch
petting zoo
Jack and Mack riding the trainchoo choo Luke
How Tall??